"Mrs. Kryptowicz is fun and Awesome!"  ...( with a capital "A")
        Anthony S. (age 8)

  "My son came to Mrs. Kryptowicz extremely self-conscious and timid about reading.  After just a few short weeks Anthony was self-motivated and had the courage to read aloud.
  Using his reading and writing skills, that Mrs. Kryptowicz focused on, has become a new found exciting adventure!
  We are sincerely grateful for her patience and skill as a teacher."
     Jennifer K.

  "My daughter started working with Holly Kryptowicz last year while she was in third grade.  Her confidence level was declining.  We tried to work with her at home but she was frustrated and so were we.
  Holly came recommended to us through our favorite second grade teacher and we trusted her opinion.  The difference now just a few short months later is amazing!  My daughter knows her multiplication facts, works on word problems like a champ and does the homework right away without any help (or complaining!).
  We just love Holly.  She is kind, patient and wonderful with our daughter - I find it hard to leave her there only because I want to stay too!
  Best thing we ever did = Julie K."

"Mrs. Kryptowicz is a wonderful teacher.  She is very soft spoken, kind and has a great way of working with children.  The confidence that my son has developed by working with her is wonderful to see.  He always looked forward to going to see her and that in itself was such a pleasure to experience.  I can't say enough about her and no words can describe what a wonderful person she is.  We are going to miss her ... "                                                                                                                        Donna