Tips for Parents

Spend time with your child

Ask your child about his or her day.
If you have several children, try to spend some time alone with each.
Take advantage of car time to talk and listen to your child.
Take walks or ride bikes together.
Find things to do as a family.
Watch a movie or play a game together at least one night a week.
Eat dinner together and talk about the day's events.

Help your child develop routines

Have regular homework or reading time.
Make sure your child has a regular bedtime and gets plenty of rest.
Give your child age-appropriate chores.
Make sure your child has a nutritious breakfast before school

Instill a love of reading in your child

Begin reading to your child at an early age.
Let your child see you read.
Limit TV viewing and video games.
Take your child to the library and help him or her find interesting books.
Provide your child with books or magazines at his or her reading level.

Create a study environment

Turn off the TV when your child is doing homework.
Make a study area with paper, pencils, pens, erasers, a dictionary and other materials your child uses for schoolwork.
Be ready to help your child with homework if needed.
Check your child's homework when it is finished.